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Replaced by NEXT

Marrow E6 is NEXT-ready

Get an unfair advantage for FMGE as well as NEXT


Access to videos

Clinically focused videos to build concepts

Videos with a focus on making you understand the concepts thoroughly. Includes the Williams 26th Edition updates in OBGYN, Harrisons 21st Edition updates in Medicine & other recent updates.


Access to question bank

An exclusive QBank for changing FMGE exam pattern

Dedicated FMGE QBank made according to the latest exam pattern. Also includes previous years' FMGE question papers.


Access to Grand Tests

FMGE Marrow Grand Tests closest to the real exam

All FMGE 2022 top 10 scorers took the Marrow FMGE National mocks seriously. FMGE GTs are a must-do for all those who are seriously preparing for the exam.


FMGE toppers

25% of Marrow FMG Students passed FMGE 2022

While the overall pass rate was only 15%. Watch the testimonial of the toppers here.


Best faculty

Lastly, learn from India's best faculty

You can answer 100 MCQs with one clear concept. Clear the concepts that you did not understand in college from India's best faculty, including Dr. Rohan Khandelwal, Dr. Sakshi Arora, Dr. Ranjan Patel and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I purchase the FMGE Course in Marrow?
You can purchase a Marrow subscription Plan of your choice by going to the Pro page here. The same plan will give you access to both NEET PG and FMGE courses.
2. How do I access FMGE modules in the Marrow app?
To access FMGE modules, please go to Menu > Your Course and select FMGE. Please note that FMGE modules are currently available only in the app