Marrow SS Surgery

A NEET-SS (Surgery) preparation course
by Marrow, with a team of selected
super-speciality (MCh) faculty
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Course Components

  • Over 200 hours of super speciality classes
  • Over 65 hours of General Surgery classes
  • Monthly NEET SS (Surgery) Mocks
  • MCQ discussion and live sessions (Coming soon)


Top, handpicked MCh faculty, in SS Surgery subjects
Designed to get you a top rank in SS Surgery exams
High-yielding and exam-oriented concept modules
A single course for all the Surgery super specialty (MCh) streams

Course content

General Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Surgical Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  • Dr. Rohan Khandelwal

    MS General Surgery,

    High-yielding General Surgery topics like:

    • Trauma management including recent advances
    • Sepsis, shock and transfusion medicine
    • Lymphatic and other vascular disorders
    • Minimally invasive surgery including robotic surgery
    • Anorectal malformations and other Pediatric surgery topics
    • Breast, thyroid and other endocrine surgery topics
    • OT zones, surgery positions other miscellaneous topics

    - And much more will be covered.

    Complications of Enteral nutrition

    10 mins of 60+ hrs of General Surgery videos

How it works

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Learn from the leading NEET-SS Surgery faculty from across the country through concept-focussed and high-yielding videos and MCQ discussions

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Practice and evaluate yourself with mock tests, and make sure you are exam ready

Get a great rank in the exams and live your SS goals!

Super specialty faculty

  • Dr. Rohan Khandelwal

    MS General Surgery, MRCS,


  • Dr. Shilpi Bhadani

    MS General Surgery, MCh Plastic Surgery,

    MRCS, Fellow DAFPRS

  • Dr. John J Alapatt

    MS General Surgery, DNB General Surgery,

    DNB Oncosurgery, MRCS

  • Dr. Anand Ebin Thomas

    MS General Surgery,

    Mch Oncosurgery

  • Dr. Raman Tanwar

    MS General Surgery,

    MCh Urology, FMAS

  • Dr. Nishant Yagnick

    MS General Surgery,

    MCh Neurosurgery

  • Dr. Samrat V Jankar

    MS General Surgery,

    DNB Surgical Gastroenterology, FMAS

  • Dr. Prasanna G

    MS General Surgery,

    MCh Gastroenterology

  • Dr. Venkatesh Mahadevan

    MS General Surgery, MCh Gastroenterology,


Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I access the NEET SS Surgery course?
NEET SS Surgery is available as a separate course in the Marrow app.
On the app, tap on Menu (three lines on top left) > Your Course
Select NEET SS Surgery from the list

2. How can I subscribe to the NEET SS Surgery content on the Marrow app?
After selecting the course as NEET SS Surgery, click the Menu button > Buy Plan

3. Will video notes be available for this course?
Currently video notes are not available in the NEET SS Surgery course.

4. How many specialities for SS Surgery will I get access to if I subscribe?
You will get access to all the specialities available for NEET-SS Surgery if you subscribe to a Marrow NEET SS - Surgery Plan. Not only is this more economical than buying a General Surgery + single-speciality subscription, but this will also let you cross reference between subjects and enhance your deeper learning.